Engage Your Patients

Put word of mouth marketing on autopilot with the advertising channel you already own.

Make better use of your space.

Your reception area is, without a doubt, the most underutilized space in your office. It is the gateway to the office and your very first chance at dazzling your patients. Warm Reception allows you to make a lasting impression upon each viewer.

Build a brand.

Your brand is NOT a logo. Your brand is the first thing that comes to your patient's mind when she thinks of your practice. Or, the first thing she tells her friend about your practice. Utilizing your reception area to help ensure that feeling is a great one is one of the many benefits of custom messaging for your waiting area.

Sell without selling.

No practice wants to feel that icky feeling of needing to push anything on any patient. Trust us, your patients don't want that either. When a patient can read signage in your lobby, they will start to gather information for themselves. The gallery in your slideshow may bring them new information, validate ideas, spark questions.

Get out of the pigeon hole.

"Say doctor, I didn't know you did root canals!" Have you ever had a hard time letting patients know the full breadth of your services and offerings? Keep your patients informed of the full spectrum of your offerings.

Break the ice and grow relationships.

You've heard the cliche—"believe you, like you and trust you." Well, in order for someone to believe you, like you and trust you, it is helpful for them to know who you are. We don't like to talk about ourselves, but with your Warm Reception gallery, the slides will do that hard part for you. Patients LOVE to learn about the personal side of their practitioner, and you never know where the conversations will take you.

Brag about your accolades.

Have you received new training? Won any local awards, or received recent notoriety. Although often uncomfortable to actually speak about these with patients, WRTV provides an incredible opportunity to share these exciting bits of information with patients. Believe it or not, they WANT to see and hear about these accolades. These are the tidbits that keep patients telling their friends (ie future patients) about you for years to come.

Ready to engage your patients?

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